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Forum Shopping Gallery, Marbella: Exclusive Investment Opportunity!

We are now marketing an exciting opportunity to invest in a new high-end shopping and dining destination in the heart of Marbella.


Forum Shopping Gallery will be a place for people to shop, eat, drink, connect and enjoy an urban meeting place with a selection of curated shops, restaurants, bars, cafés and services, including a rooftop restaurant and a food market . An exciting tenant mix is secured, including local delicatessen and special boutiques, bringing a new flavor to the area as well as top luxury brands.


The investment will be Euro based and is projecting strong yields and IRR results with already 100% secured occupancy.
We are sourcing a few investors that are familiar with this type of investment. 50% of Equity is already subscribed.

If you would like to receive more details please contact:

Per Olav Karlsen

+ 47 417 85 050

Bernt Sveen

+47 481 04 910

Børge Skogvoll

+47 907 77 693

Licensed and supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (FSAN).

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